Friday, July 23, 2010

Join My Facebook Group

No cards today but pictures of the amazing part of the country I live in - the spectacular San Francisco Bay Area.  We have it all here:  a cosmopolitan city, gorgeous wine country, sand and sea and mountain ranges too.  What more could you ask for from your hometown?  I get teased a lot because even though I live in an area known for technology and innovation, I'm one of the slowest adopters of technology there is.  I just got my digital camera 4 years ago.  But once I got one, I took off running!  Now I can't wait to go places and take pictures of everything.  Add amateur photography to my list of interests.

I started a Facebook group called Bella Confetti.  If you're on Facebook, join my group!  I'll have postings of my cards and stuff, plus list my upcoming card classes and events.  Click here to become a member!

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